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I never like to make a quiet entrance, so I hope you all have enjoyed my first delivery of prose after so much silence and restraint. I hope you’ll all stay with me in this grand new adventure, where you can expect a much happier, more outgoing Nudgie. Love you all…

Fritz’ B-Day/Benefit Bash. 3/3/12

It was my great pleasure to be invited to co-host this amazing event with local comedian Ricky Trippy. I was excited about it the minute I heard what is was all about. The event was to serve as birthday party and fundraiser for Fritz’ physical therapy costs. There was a beautiful Harley up for auction, and I was honored enough to watch Fritz put the final loving touches on the already beautiful machine. I got the chat with him while he did it, and I got a little bit of back story about the bike. Before Fritz’ accident 2 years ago, he’d just bought the bike, and loved it. It needed work when he got it, and then he was plowed into by an SUV while riding as a passenger in a friend’s car. It made a lump rise in my throat listening to his story, how he’d almost lost hope, and how this new therapy program had really brought him back around.

Fritz’ lovely wife Meghan was friendly, sociable, and incredibly open to someone she’d never met before, and for that I thank the both of you. Some crazy metal chick walks in looking like the Morticia of this era, and everyone was so friendly and non-judgemental that I was floored. One of the many things I love about living here, so many people are so friendly and open to new people, just like I am, so it’s bliss to encounter such symbiosis. I was not surprised to hear more people than I could count tell me that if they won the Harley, they’d turn around and give it right back to Fritz. I thought that was the best idea I’d heard all night.

Ricky and I had great chemistry, playing off one another and entertaining some diverse fans. I won’t go into detail about that, because Ricky is really someone you need to see live. Fans of Jim Belushi, Sam Kinnison, and Chris Farley especially should check his live game, I think they will be pleasantly rewarded.

The music was great, and the standouts were newcomers Alter, who did mostly cover tunes, and were on their, I believe, 6th show? For being so new, they have the skill they’ll need to take it over if they keep at it!

The boys in Burn Down Valor put on a hell of a show, getting tired, arthritic people like myself up onto the floor, and keeping our eyes out for the inevitable moshers. I was incredibly impressed with their set.  I’d seen them before, but had been ‘off’ that night just not really paying attention, too busy running around and playing. Singer Aaron ripped it up like no one’s business, and both guitars were on it in proper face melting form. These boys really are a treat to catch live, and I highly recommend you do so if you can.

NDAAZ was also present and representing the metal scene I know and love so much here in Denver. They’re a fun band to watch live, with roaring energy and an almost chaotic sense to their aural assault. These boys I had on my all too massive list of people to interview before….well…the world cracked open beneath my feet. I would keep them on that list if they would still have me, and I can do something even better than a mere write-up for them.  Same goes for Burn Down Valor, you guys know where to find me!