Mistress (A Trip Inside My Twisted Mind… For Betty!)

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Stories

It’s sunset, and the light pierces into my cave. I throw an arm over my eyes and peer out the massive opening to the world. Feeling disoriented, I drink from a cave pool, tasting the mercury. It makes me shake like a wet dog for a spastic second, then I stand to greet the night.  A voice purrs to me from the depths of the caverns I call home. I ignore it. It doesn’t want to be ignored, though, and grows louder as it approaches. A look of confusion crosses my face. This is NOT the voice I’m used to. I turn too quickly, blinding myself with long black hair.

Some serpentine creature moves towards me, opening its fanged mouth to loose the voice of legions. It’s eyes glow green and it’s hair resembles electrical cables that nearly reach the ground. Now I recognize him.

“Get a make-over, did we?”

The creature chuckles, sending it’s ropey hair dancing. It reaches talons for fingertips to my cheeks. The green eyes burn, and the voice purrs against my lips.

“Yesss… I did. Do you like it?”

I look him over, nodding and giving a satisfied smile.

“What brought on the change?”

He chuckles again, tossing back his long head. He puts his hands on my shoulders, and pulls me against his bare, greenish black skin. It feels like a single, solid scale…or a cockroach carapace. His warm tongue snakes its way across my cheek, surprisingly soft and forgiving.

“Why, you did, Lady.”

She cocked her head.

“Lady? What happened to Girl?”

He grinned, and I could see his soul in it. The outer appearance might be confusing to some, I noted off handedly.

“You’re not a Girl anymore.”

I gave him a smirk.

“I’m hardly a lady.”

The next smile the creature gave me was predatory.

“Yes, you’re a lady alright. You’re MY lady. And now I can protect you properly.”

Once again, the head tilts. I narrow my eyes at him, and he sees them turn blue before I can say a word.

“Don’t mistake me, Mistress, I’m not keeping you here, and I will not be in your way. But now I can keep you safe.”

I once again was confused, and I reached out to see what his new hair felt like. Like silken ropes. Hmmm…

“And why couldn’t you before?”

He grinned, and made a strange clacking sound before responding.

“You thought you didn’t need me. Now you know. Congratulations, you’ve earned your own personal Fros-“

“Don’t say it! Don’t say it, I know what you are….Saying it isn’t doing anyone any favors.”

My fingers were splayed across his lips, and for the first time in nearly a decade, I realized why my guardian hadn’t abandoned me. When my limbs started to shake, I let go, and took a step back, and a deep breath.

“Why do you still pull back? You caught the word Lady, but not the term Mistress. There’s nothing to fear in me for you, I’m YOURS to command.”

I looked into those huge, burning green eyes. I couldn’t find a lie in them. That only made me shake harder…


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