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Thus far, it had not been a good day for Marie. She woke up to find a note from her husband, saying he was leaving her for his much younger, much perkier secretary, and that her things had been moved back into the trailer she’d lived in before they’d married. He promised, sweetly, to let her have their wonderful young son, Abel, and that he and anything else she seemed to love would be waiting for her there. There was a honk from the circular driveway, and she saw the limo idling below, an impatient black gloved hand waving her to enter. She scowled, looking around for any last minute items she needed to collect and found nothing. How much Vicodin had she ingested last night, really? Maybe 10, 11 pills, she wasn’t sure.

 She ambled, fighting the nausea of opiate hangover, down the gilded staircase towards the massive double doors. She crept, shielding her eyes from the bright mid-day sun towards the limousine. She noted, but only for a second, that she had to let herself into the car. Her head hurt so badly. Over the intercom from driver to passenger, a voice she didn’t recognize addressed her with too much sugar in its decidedly female voice.

“Madam Onyx, you’ll find provided for you your daily breakfast in the stash compartment on the left side door. This should ease the maladies you currently suffer.”

 Marie groaned, relieved her husband…or rather, soon to be EX-husband, wasn’t a completely inhuman ass. She popped open the side compartment with familiarity and ease, removing a prepared drink, and four small, yellow pills. She slammed all four at once, downing the drink in the process. There was a full liquor cabinet in front of her, and was preparing her chaser when an overwhelming sense of dizziness hit her, making her cling to the door handle for stability in a moving world. Blackness swept her vision, and it was only then that she realized her small pills weren’t yellow, they were white. It would be her last conscious thought for hours.


 She awoke feeling worse than she had earlier…earlier…What exactly had happened there? She couldn’t remember the last 12 hours or so, give or take. Her head hurt to move, and her vision was almost black. The more she sat, the more she realized her vision wasn’t gone, she was just in a very, very dark place. Only wall sconces with guttering candles lit her prison. And it must be a prison, she was tied to a chair, and she’d obviously been drugged with something she didn’t approve of. All that left was the infamous date rape drug…had she been raped? She moved her legs, but no pain greeted her. Only her head killed her, and her arms from the bindings. She tried to move more, and access the damage, but a sharp slicing sensation in her arms stopped her. She looked closer at the ropes binding her, finding that only half of the restraint was actually fiber rope. The other half of her restraint was braided concertina wire. Her adrenaline kicked in, and she did what she always did in a life or death situation, act stupid.

 “What the FUCK is going on, WHO the FUCK is holding me, and do you have any idea who the FUCK you kidnapped?!?!”

 Her only response was laughter, high in pitch, that seemed to come from all around her and nowhere all at once, and a disturbingly loud clicking, like a thousand pairs of stilettos moving in caterpillarian unison. Her heart started to hammer, sounding like drums. It only took her a few seconds to realize the drums were outside herself, and they were slow, menacing, and old. The clicking got louder too. That seemed to bother her the most for some reason, not the hysterical laughter, not the ever increasing drums, but that unnatural clicking. It was driving her mad. So mad she missed the shadow slinking into the light before her. She had to do a triple blink, and immediately assumed whatever they’d drugged her with was still working its evil magic.

 The creature standing before her couldn’t possibly be real. It was female, that much was obvious, as it was nude but for its pitch black skin. It had long, shining black claws on all its long, shining digits. The only part of the monster before Marie with any color other than black, were its eyes. Its eyes were milk white, with green spirals swirling constantly in the place of the irises. Often the spirals turned black or red, but mostly stayed a dark green. It had four arms, and a tail with what looked like blade edges rather than fur. It was the source of the laughter, and this time the laughter came with shrieks of unbearable winds howling right in Maries ears.

 The black monster crept closer to her, towering over her by a foot if she were standing, about two while forcibly seated. It inspected her with a look of disdain on its disturbingly beautiful face. Had it not been for the shiny black skin, extra limbs, and odd eyes, it would have seemed human enough. The creature had a thick head of hair that resembled very long, raggedly severed electrical cords, and when she smiled, her pointed teeth were already stained red with blood, and an equally bloody forked tongue licked the black lips it sprouted from. It took one long black claw on what would have been a humans index finger and pressed under her chin, forcing her to look into the eyes of the monster. The laughter started again, as if the black creature found something funny in Maries eyes. The laughter was deafening, and it made Marie loose her vision again for a moment.

  When it returned, the shiny monster was gone, but it felt like a thousand bugs were climbing her legs. She looked down to find she was very, very wrong. There no bugs climbing her legs. Just hundreds of thousands of spiders, looking to be mostly of the poisonous variety, and they swarmed her entire body in a matter of seconds. She screamed, not thinking about how this would grant her little tormentors entrance into her mouth. They clogged her throat and lungs in a matter of seconds, and it didn’t take her long to die.


 Capitan Roderick had no answers for Mr. Onyx. How do you explain someone dying of a simultaneous heart attack, and somehow, asphyxiation?

 “Gerald, I’m doing the best I can here, but if you have a better answer for asphyxiation without any water, or any other substance for that matter, in the lungs, or bruise marks around the neck, I’m all ears, bud! The heart attack occurred about 30 minutes after she died of suffocation. I still can’t find a murder weapon, and you’re the only man I have with any motive, pending divorce papers having been filed THAT DAY and all. So unless you wanna volunteer here, I need a bit of space to get my job done!”

Gereald Onyx, owner of the Largest Tele-Com company on the West Coast slammed his way out of the Police Department. In the weeks to follow, his life would change drastically. His girlfriend, nervous about the implications placed on him regarding his wife’s disappearance frightened her, and she left him. Then he got arrested at work in the presence of all his employees for the murder of his wife. Turned out his limo driver had testified against him, and the implements of torture he’d had reserved for his drug addled problem of a wife. To the end of his days, Mr. Onyx screamed his innocence, but it was the damning testimony of his driver that did him in. Him claiming that the driver testifying in court was NOT his driver almost gained him freedom until the Court looked at his books, and found that a Miss Angelique Mornay had indeed been in his employ for almost a decade. He died in jail in a riot he helped create by once again driving his fellow inmates mad with his insane claims of innocence, and he took a shiv fashioned out of a brush handle in his chest about 50 times in the chow room.

 What no one, including the former Mrs. Onyx’s family, knew was that Gerald was innocent, and for some reason, they were the only ones who cared about the disappearance of 15 year old Abel, who has never been seen since his mother’s disappearance. Never once did they expect him of summoning what he called “Kalis Demon” to handle his mother before the drugs she popped like candy did the job for her. Never once did he expect The Destroying Mother’s appetite to be so large she would devour him next, and break loose to wreak havoc on the Western half of the United States. As of publication, the Demon’s location, or even continued existence are unknown. Requests for information on her behalf only led to more missing people, after which all attempts stopped. Policemen Coast Wide found themselves hard pressed to look into it too far. The Black Monster, as the media dubbed her, only ever seemed to eat the worst examples of humanity. We would issue a warning to look out for this creature, but if she finds you…well, you’re just fucked, son, sorry.