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Red Goes DOWN!

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Stories
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Shake as she might, she couldn’t free herself of her sticky red coating. It splattered the walls of her cave, obscuring the ancient art they once held. Now they were just smeared with gore, and other, less identifiable substances. She was alone in her haven this time, needing a moment to roar unheard. She loosed a loud one, shocked to find she wasn’t roaring alone. A dragon had entered her lair. She wasn’t afraid, and approached the red scaled demon with her blade drawn. She twirled it about her palm, not so much to show off as to warm up. It wasn’t the first time she had to defend her home, or her life, and it likely wouldn’t be the last. The chuckling red monster slithered closer to her, serpentine and ugly. His scent gave him away.

“You’re not welcome here, dragon. I’ve already killed one of your kind today, can’t you smell it? The blood on my walls is far from human.”

The dragon just laughed, a horrible, grating sound meant to drive her mad. Too late.

“Little girl, put away your blade before it ends you.” The dragon whispered into her ear with his forked tongue. She smacked it away from her, pointing right into the dragons nose with a clawed fingertip.

“Monster, you have no idea what you’re dealing with, do you?” She began to laugh, and there was an edge of insanity to her mirth.

“I guess I’m about to find out, since you won’t give up this pointless war of yours.”

Her laughter broke the barrier between slightly losing it right into hysteria. She pulled her second blade, this one smaller, and black as pitch.

“Can you even wield those things anymore, cripple?”

Her laughter died and the dragon smiled, knowing he’d hit a mark. Her first move was to volley the smaller blade right into the dragons left eye. The monster yowled in pain, trying in vain to dislodge the blade that just half blinded him. It wouldn’t budge, no matter how hard the dragon tried. Her laughter returned as she leapt full force onto the hilt of her tiny blade, sending it into the dragons brain. The monster screamed again, blood spraying generously from where his left eye used to be. Despite this, the beast lurched about her cave, knocking over everything, and scraping his screaming talons along the walls in an attempt to right itself.

She let out a roar, taking a running jump until she landed on the back of the dragons neck. She buried her hand up to the fist into the dragons eye, retrieving her blade. The dragon faltered, falling more than once with her sleight weight on his overburdened neck. She pulled the leather thong off her arm, wrapping it firmly about each balled fist before imposing it upon the dragons neck. The beast made a satisfying gurgling sound as he went down. Retrieving the other thongs tied about her limbs, she fashioned a leash, and dragged the ailing red dragon out into the cold night air.

She closed her eyes, speaking softly under her breath, and with every word the leather straps began to glow a hot shade of blue. Once she opened her eyes, the leash had taken on properties no mortal fibers could ever hope to match, strong enough to hold a wounded dragon. She laughed, smearing the dragons fresh blood across her face. She leaned down to whisper in its chasm of an ear.

“Did you make a mistake? Did you think you were dealing with an ordinary cripple?? Did you think I had nothing but what you left me with, these fucking scars???”

She ripped her tattered shirt up, baring her scarred belly to the beast. It opened its good eye, staring at its handiwork. But she wasn’t done. No, not by a long shot. She bared her ragged spine, showing off a stegosaurus line of vertebrae marred by lash marks. Then she bared her lower belly, where his white-hot talons had left a little white scar. Her display over, she jerks her leathers back into place, leaning over to growl in the face of the red dragon.

“You tried to beat me, rape me, and eat me, but you have no idea who you’ve challenged, and now you’re in my land, where the Old Rules still apply. Don’t think the loss of an eye will pay your debt, monster, I’m far from done…”

She grabbed the dagger she had stashed along her left thigh and reclaimed her seat on the back of the dragons head. Methodically, and with an eerie smile, she sawed off each of his stunted horns. The dragon couldn’t feel that, it would be the equivalent to trimming your fingernails, but in the world of dragons, losing your horns was an insult, and a demerit. Next she sliced off his bat-like ears, jamming the spines into the holes they once protected. She was having a bit too much fun, and she heard the monster whimper underneath her as she cheerily announced, “Time for cosmetics!!”

She grabbed the remaining horn on the dragons nose and jerked its head violently to face her, not hearing the vertebrae popping in her hands. She was able to see the pain in the monsters eyes after slicing off the lids, and knew that he wouldn’t live more than an hour with a broken neck. She’d have to work fast. She peeled off the dragons lips, and used a heavy granite rock to smash out all its teeth. The worst thing is, she had no intentions of killing this thing quickly. She leaned over to roar into its mangled ear orifices.

“Do you know what I’m going to do now, Dragon? Hmmm??? This fucking cripple is going to steal your fucking children. You hear me, you pathetic lizard fuck?? I’M…GOING…TO…STEAL…YOUR…CHILDREN!! And then I’m going to feed you to them.”

She laughed, and pulled at a thong tied about her neck, summoning her dear old friend with a bone whistle. A shriek pierced the air and the sky turned black and green, and very windy. The red dragon peered, head lolling, with its good eye to see the only thing that scared it landing with an earthquake inducing thump right before him. The black dragon looked down into the eye of the dying dragon mewling pathetically at its clawed feet. Just to piss the red dragon off, the black and green dragon clicked its claws rhythmically right before the supine monsters one good eye. The black dragon stayed vigil over the dying red dragon as it awaited the return of the cave woman. She made it back in time, carrying two mewling little baby red dragons with her. The red dragon whimpered, recognizing the scent of his children.

“Oh, they’re hungry! Can’t let a baby starve, now can I?”

The baby dragons, being more meat than mind, smelled blood and began spurting little flame attempts, stretching their young necks to the dying body of their father. She loosed them, and they began to feed… She let them have their fill, stepping back to stand beside the black dragon. The black dragon turned into pure white light, a burning ball that gradually shrunk and took the shape of a man not too dissimilar looking from the cave woman. He was taller than her, and his arm fit perfectly around her shoulder. He looked into her equally green eyes, no amusement on his face.

“You know what you have to do, don’t you?”

She nodded.

“You ok with that?”

Again, she nodded. She crept up on the feeding babies, and as quickly as she could, cut off their heads. She chucked one head to the East, and one to the West.

“So you are, it would seem.”

She looked at the man she loved, giving him a predators smile.

“If I let them grow up, I’d be doing this all over again in 30 years. I don’t know if this cripple could last THAT long. These are the last of the evil dragons. We’ve done it.”

He grinned at his little cave wife, wiping enough blackened blood off her face to kiss her.

“I know, I just wasn’t sure how you’d do with the little ones.”

“Enemies are enemies, no matter how small. They grow up, I die.”

“Not while I’m on watch you don’t!”

He growled, pulling her roughly to him and planting a long, dizzying kiss on her metallic tasting lips. She had to hold on to him so as not to fall.

“Hey, give me some credit, it’s only been a year since you left my dreams and joined my side. I’m fighting 28 years of having only me to protect me.”

He grinned at her, fangs and all.

“Never again, Lady, never again.”

She grinned at him, and together they took dragon form, both black and green. They had work to do that human bodies weren’t built for. He took the dead male. She took the corpses of the younglings, and together, they flew to the nearest volcano and dropped off their not so precious cargo. Deed done, they flew back home. Once inside their cave and human again, she looked to her husband and grinned with both her rows of teeth. “You’re in trouble…”

He mocked shock and fear, running into the cave, only to turn at the last second and catch her before she could tackle him. What happened next is not for the eyes of humans, but I’m sure I don’t have to elaborate too much, now do I…?