Crying About You…

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Poetry

You don’t need to speak, child,

The world is full of your mindless rage.

Don’t pretend you have something to say,

When we all know it changes nothing of the world’s stage…

It is not your hands saving lives,

Not your voice slaughtering war in its tracks,

The legion is urging you to take a dive,

You’ve been found unworthy of the ranks…

Let your screams fall on deaf air,

And may your world circle around,

Silent noise in a degraded faire,

As you publicly, gluttonously, lick your wounds…

Impotent little mess,

Bleeding all over the floor,

As you tear off your tattered dress,

As if you could tear off the traces of sinner, pig, and whore…

The bloody emission leaks from your mouth,

Into the magnitude of the universe,

Living for one diseased second,

Before becoming lost in the vastness of the surf…

Clean yourself up and close your mouth off,

Your right to use words has been cut off,

You won’t lead the charge, you won’t broadcast great truth,

You’re just another little leach, only crying about you…


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