The Whale and the Pain

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Poetry
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The whale will stare at me sadly,

Seeing the pain I cannot express,

Its eyes far too wide and bright,

Seeing through the smile to the distress…


They speak out in shades of ocean blue,

Soothing my storm from the outside in,

They ask, “What’s wrong with you,

So dire you don’t even know where to begin?”


I can’t answer them, I can’t find the words.

Too much noise, too much noise, too much noise…

Lost inside their graceful herds,

Their songs drown out my response…


Like a swarm they circle me,

Pushing me up from the depths,

High above the froth they breach me,

To where my words can make sense…


Up high among the clouds,

A thousand eyes press with question,

Forcing me to scream out loud,

My guarded answer to their questions…


“I’m afraid!” I roar after taking a gasping breath,

Then back into the blue we plunge,

Where tears melt freely into the sea,

They give a shove, and back into the waking world I emerge,

I wonder if they also miss me…


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