Stay With Me…

Posted: December 8, 2013 in Poetry
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Stay with me,

Don’t go away,

I know it’s not up to you,

But I don’t know what else to say…


My hands can feel your skin,

And my eyes can see your face,

Yet you couldn’t be farther away,

Long gone, while stuck firmly in place…


I’ll be here when you wake,

I wait, heart pounding, for your eyes,

I smile and hide my cardiac shake,

And wait for you to fully realize,

The world as you once knew it…


The scene will always be the same,

Panic would be too unseemly, and too vain,

Instead I reach out and just remain strong,

This isn’t my pain, this isn’t my song…


I would kill it if I could,

I’d rend it limb from limb,

I’d eat it in the bushes,

And wait for it to kick in,

If only to set you free…


Please always come back to me,

If only to be selfish for a moment,

I need it for my sanity,

I need it so I can breathe…


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