Mandatory Freedom

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Uncategorized
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You’re so quick to judge,

So quick to open your mouth,

And close down your mind,

So quick to deny unwanted truth…


Call me shit with both sides of your mouth,

Suck the blood right out of my crippled husk,

You don’t need me, you don’t need me,

But you still slay me when you’re bored…


What’s this? Just my new shiny toy,

Oh, now you find me to be good enough?

Sorry, but I see through that ploy,

For you, I’ll never be good enough…


I’ve never been prouder to be shit,

Never more steadied by my own voracity,

I won’t let you make me hate myself,

This is your problem with me, not mine…


Casting stones with stained hands,

Only buys you more hypocrisy,

Biting the only hands that ever tried to feed you,

Only ensures your mandatory freedom…


The desert awaits, the one that you made,

By judging the sick, the broken, and the tired,

The last card of your shitty hand’s been played,

And your pot is to be devoured…

By your own cancerous pride…


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