Not Quite a Phoenix

Posted: January 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

There’s nothing quite like waking in flames,

Awake with a scream and not knowing my name,

Standing becomes quite torturous against such heat,

But I still stand, and somehow, I will not melt…

Things creak and shriek into place,

Leather cogwheels supporting their kite strut framework,

Banked coals light up an ashen face,

And steam leaks from a blinding heart…

The hiss that issues forth is agony and rebirth,

Dying from the inside to turn into something like diamonds,

I didn’t intend it, but I’m drowning out the sun,

And the screams tear away the world beneath my talons…

Teeth chatter as they reassert control over their jaw bed,

A shiny sliver of a tongue peeks from under clattering fangs,

I move like something falling apart from toe to head,

But the steam keeps my disjointed stilts moving forward…


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