Posted: March 19, 2015 in Poetry

The marionette is back again,

To preen her feathers and dust off old things,

I can’t stop her in her haste to get in,

But I don’t have to listen to her sing…

She destroys the trees to feed the wind,

Trying to tear down old monuments,

With only the weight of her screams,

All she wanted was to be let out of her own dreams…

The sleep was brutal and welcome,

Deafening her insanity to a dull roar,

But she didn’t want to sleep for long,

And comes tearing out the door…

Buildings burn under the heat of her wings,

In her teeth the masters skin hangs in shreds,

Stars explode when she sings,

And the melody will haunt everyone’s heads…

I try to tackle her but she always fights back,

And she’s so much more sturdy than I am,

She’ll burn me up all crispy and black,

Before I can even try to raise my hand…

The elephant on the camels back,

She laughs as you start to slip away,

Turning from flesh to sack,

That’s just the way she likes to play…


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