“The Grey Child” By Storm Septimus (This is NOT MINE, ladies and gents.)

Posted: September 10, 2015 in Uncategorized
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This is a poem from a good friend of mine below. I hope you all enjoy, and I will gladly pass comments on to her (she’s shy.)

The Gray child is here , my emptiness, my nothing , my death. She is the one who says nothing at all. She is everything and nothing all at once. She looks just like me though she is hollow inside. The Gray child surrounds me She has no name, her shape and form are mine. With her I forget everything as we watch the world fall away.

The Red child is here, my rage, my jealousy, my passion. She is the one who screams. She is the judge though rarely fair. The Red child takes my thoughts twisting them till they resemble her own, and with her I scream too.

The Dark child is here, my sadness , my anger, my hurt. She is the one who whispers over my shoulder. She is the executioner though carries no blade, she looks just like me though there is no laughter in her smile. The dark child always walks beside me, she takes my hand guiding me deeper into myself letting her poison seep under my skin. She has no name, no shape , no form, she just simply is. The Dark child takes my sight and eats my words, with her I walk in silence and blind to all, there is only us now.


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