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Fur and Hide

Posted: March 19, 2015 in Poetry

He places the stones gently in my path,

So that I can try to cross the torrent beneath my feet,

I know he just wants to watch me pass,

And make sure I don’t fall or falter…

He knows as well as I do,

That here the nightmares can breathe,

They will smell me as soon as I go,

And try to drive me to my knees…

My hand is never empty,

Even while my mind is terrified,

I know he’s there, but I can’t feel a thing,

And my steps grow ever less wide…

When the water turns to fire,

And singes off everything but my hair,

Only then will the ice come,

To try to freeze me out of my stare…

A gilded path is only a torrid lie,

A gross misrepresentation,

Meant to comfort you as you die,

And allay any hesitance of submission…

I always make it to the other side,

But rarely ever unscathed,

I lose some fur and hide,

But I still conquered the path unpaved…


The Razor and the Wrist

Posted: March 19, 2015 in Poetry

Things wake up in the brain,

Stirring old, long settled dust,

A quick, blinding flash of pain,

As the monster shakes off its rust…

It beings to devour everything in sight,

Just like it’s always done,

Familiarity made warm in a splash of blood,

‘Hey,’ it whispers, ‘wanna have some fun?’

No, no I don’t, and I’m not playing again,

You can set up all the streamers and poles,

But I won’t be circling them once again,

No matter what you think you might know…

‘I’m too old to play this game,’

Says the razor to the wrist,

‘I lost long ago when you found out my name,

When I got fucked without getting kissed…’

The rabbit in the gristle cage,

Doesn’t know what day it is,

Or even its own manufactured age,

It only knows the endless race…

The bottle will shake before it falls from the hand,

As the clockwork joints release their vaporous scream,

Don’t try to pretend you weren’t warned,

Emptied out eyes aren’t always what they seem…


Posted: March 19, 2015 in Poetry

The marionette is back again,

To preen her feathers and dust off old things,

I can’t stop her in her haste to get in,

But I don’t have to listen to her sing…

She destroys the trees to feed the wind,

Trying to tear down old monuments,

With only the weight of her screams,

All she wanted was to be let out of her own dreams…

The sleep was brutal and welcome,

Deafening her insanity to a dull roar,

But she didn’t want to sleep for long,

And comes tearing out the door…

Buildings burn under the heat of her wings,

In her teeth the masters skin hangs in shreds,

Stars explode when she sings,

And the melody will haunt everyone’s heads…

I try to tackle her but she always fights back,

And she’s so much more sturdy than I am,

She’ll burn me up all crispy and black,

Before I can even try to raise my hand…

The elephant on the camels back,

She laughs as you start to slip away,

Turning from flesh to sack,

That’s just the way she likes to play…

I love you more than the sky loves the silence, and more than the moon hates the sky whales always biting at it. I’m luckier than a virgin spring untouched by man’s filthy hand, and more blessed and an honest queen. I am in awe of the way you make the world seem brilliant even when it should be grey, and the way you can captivate me with only your eyes and the smile always hiding just below the surface within them. The universe must tire of my desperate and constant stream of a heavy chorus of thanks. Beside you, I will make the sea jealous of my fortitude and endless enduring existence. I will never forget how much better I am for knowing you, and how much more brilliant my world is because of you. You feel like music overwhelming my body and soul until I can barely breathe from the weight of it. Like the missing sliver of my soul has slid solidly back into it’s place as long as you are near me. Wanting is not a word in my armory as long as you’re always beside me, and possibly closer if we can find a way. Thank you for loving me so thoroughly that I can want for nothing, lest I be greedy. I’m am more wealthy than any world leader, and far less taxed by the trivialities of my existence on this plane than they could ever dream of knowing. Happy Anniversary, My love. May we spend many a century together riding the sky whales and growing cosmic Cannabis, and I can’t wait to marry you. I love you, Adam…

I arrive home and everything is dark…

I open the door and feel blood in my throat,

I see broken things littering the floor,

Some of it nothing, some of it pieces of my heart…


My skin crawls as I see words written angrily on the wall,

My heart starts to pound, I cannot breathe,

Out of nowhere the shadow envelops me,

And I am cast with a crack to the ground…


What was my imagined sin today?

Did you find evidence of my supposed treason?

Did I step on the wrong shell again,

Am I about to bleed for no reason?


The world fades away and I awake to pain,

Confusion, hysteria and cold tile greet me as I rise,

Things pop, and hiss, and give way as I get to my feet,

I can’t breathe right, and I smell rotten meat…


I will find the monster smiling in his sleep,

No doubt dreaming of braining me with logs,

But his somnic state will be his undoing,

And he wakes to the sounds of dogs,

Hungry, and primitive…


The dogs wake him with barbed penises,

Skewering him on a slavering Rottweiler,

They take their own version of justice for me,

Rending him and violating him to assert their dominance…


He screams…

And I erupt with the laughter of a thousand former victims,

The chorus is so loud it makes his ears bleed,

The voices attack his brain without relent,

Cooking it inside its ivory bowl…


He turns blue, and grows very still, very cold,

He will not wake in the morning, but the dogs are sated,

They’re prepared now to return their desolate home,

To sleep until they are again needed…

Little monster in the corner,

Eating my bones and meat,

Will you at least let me,

Sit before you chew off my feet?

You bark and shiver,

So small and pathetic,

And yet your talons,

Render me catatonic…

Little red beast always chewing on me,

I beg of you let me keep my eyes,

What better way to let me see,

You cutting me down to size…?

Little black monster please go away,

I’m tired and sore from our endless war,

And I’m not in the mood to play again today,

I don’t have the strength to lift my sword anymore…

You’ll always win and I’ll always bleed,

I’ll always snarl at the way you cheated,

And you’ll continue to just serve your own needs,

Laughing at seeing my finally defeated…

But what you’ll never understand is,

I may be beaten, bloodied, and made to cry,

But I will smile, and without you knowing, I still realize,

I didn’t survive that battle just to die…

Piece of Meat

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Poetry
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The sun burns out one last time,

And I’m cold on the barren ground,

Things skitter in the shadows,

Thousands of old feet begin to pound…

The ground shakes just like,

The traitorous piece of meat inside my ribs,

Screams issue forth without restraint,

It’s only as I die that I realize they’re mine…

I can feel its talons rake over me,

And for once my feet will not obey,

My blood boils from deep inside me,

I’ve lost the right to control my own DNA…

You’ve known my name since the beginning,

And all my wars were fought in foolish vanity,

With every step I thought I rose quickly,

Never seeing the ground crumble under my feet…

Thunder cracks and I smile as my eyes go milky white,

I can’t see the end of the brambles you’ve lain, devil,

But I’ll continue to slice myself to shreds in my fight,

To go out with a fist in your eternal eye, devil…

In the end I will crack like weathered stone,

A victim of my own pride and growl,

Never really knowing if I was free or owned,

But at least I won’t go out with a crawl…