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I love you more than the sky loves the silence, and more than the moon hates the sky whales always biting at it. I’m luckier than a virgin spring untouched by man’s filthy hand, and more blessed and an honest queen. I am in awe of the way you make the world seem brilliant even when it should be grey, and the way you can captivate me with only your eyes and the smile always hiding just below the surface within them. The universe must tire of my desperate and constant stream of a heavy chorus of thanks. Beside you, I will make the sea jealous of my fortitude and endless enduring existence. I will never forget how much better I am for knowing you, and how much more brilliant my world is because of you. You feel like music overwhelming my body and soul until I can barely breathe from the weight of it. Like the missing sliver of my soul has slid solidly back into it’s place as long as you are near me. Wanting is not a word in my armory as long as you’re always beside me, and possibly closer if we can find a way. Thank you for loving me so thoroughly that I can want for nothing, lest I be greedy. I’m am more wealthy than any world leader, and far less taxed by the trivialities of my existence on this plane than they could ever dream of knowing. Happy Anniversary, My love. May we spend many a century together riding the sky whales and growing cosmic Cannabis, and I can’t wait to marry you. I love you, Adam…


My Skin and Yours

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Poetry
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You taste of the sky,

And smell of the air,

Feel of the Earth,

And move like a river…

A spark lights the tinder,

And I can already feel the fire,

Now that all is quiet here,

I can take in all the wonder…

My luck is strong today,

And I don’t feel the threat,

Hanging over me always,

For now at least, my threat rests…

I won’t miss the spectacle,

I won’t obscure the view,

I evolve into something respectable,

If only to earn my spot next to you…

Elevated as I am I will still,

Wear the scent of the bottom,

The best of us would gladly kill,

To keep from being the corpse at the bottom of the hill…

As long as my skin can still find yours,

I will survive whatever the world throws at me,

I will always get back up off the floor,

So long as you’re there to smile at me…

Stay With Me…

Posted: December 8, 2013 in Poetry
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Stay with me,

Don’t go away,

I know it’s not up to you,

But I don’t know what else to say…


My hands can feel your skin,

And my eyes can see your face,

Yet you couldn’t be farther away,

Long gone, while stuck firmly in place…


I’ll be here when you wake,

I wait, heart pounding, for your eyes,

I smile and hide my cardiac shake,

And wait for you to fully realize,

The world as you once knew it…


The scene will always be the same,

Panic would be too unseemly, and too vain,

Instead I reach out and just remain strong,

This isn’t my pain, this isn’t my song…


I would kill it if I could,

I’d rend it limb from limb,

I’d eat it in the bushes,

And wait for it to kick in,

If only to set you free…


Please always come back to me,

If only to be selfish for a moment,

I need it for my sanity,

I need it so I can breathe…